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A Day at Chabot Space & Science Center, Pinkberry, and a walk through Union Square!

September 16, 2015
chabot space and science center

If you like Cosmonaut History, have young kids, are a science geek, or love bigger-than-life Telescopes then you might as well purchase your ticket online now and get yourself to the Chabot Space Center! First off I have to say that this center is located in a beautiful setting just 2.5 miles off the freeway in Oakland. The scent of Pine will engulf your senses as soon as you get out of the car. This center is not quite what I expected being more of a NASA History fan but was still a fun stop.

This center was founded way back in 1883 as an observatory. They still have 3 of the largest telescopes on the west coast–for real–they are huge!

   First off, there is a drop off area if you have people with special needs. The whole center is wheel chair accessible and they even have wheel chairs available at the front desk.chabot space & science center entrance    You can purchase your ticket online before you get there and show them your phone to save time. However, there wasn’t much of a line when we were there (saturday afternoon).chabot space & science center entrance    It is a rather large center with a lot of different interactive rooms to explore. This place is extremely family friendly. There were kids running around everywhere having a great time.chabot space & science center      They have a cafe–I didn’t eat there. I saw a couple people grabbing coffee. Accross from it was a room for tiny kids to play–I saw a dad sitting in the middle of it looking less than thrilled while his kids were running around him-ha! Poor guy.chabot space & science center These next three pieces are the only NASA things they have. This is a replica of a Mercury Mission Capsule–neat to see the inside! nasa mercury mission capsule replica     It was very cool to see what Alan Shepard or John Glenn might have experienced launching into space back in the 60’s–those capsules were so small! You can sit in it if you want..kids were loving it.
inside nasa mercury mission capsule replicaThis was one of my favorite things they had there. A real Mercury Mission Suit!! Except this one was only used as a testing suit–still loved seeing this up close. Those guys were super fit–the suit looked so small.nasa mercury mission space suitIn the Mercury Missions–the men chosen couldn’t be over 5’11 or over 180 lbs. As time went on those requirements were expended as technology and the capsule size grew. See John Glen below.john glen in mercury space suit  And here we are at the Cosmonaut room–if you are into Soviet Space history then you will love this. They have one of the original capsules, their space suits, a space water recycling system and lots more. I’m more of a NASA kind of a girl so I didn’t spend a lot of time in this room. I liked seeing how one of the first Cosmonaut capsules compared to the Mercury Capsules. NASA Ames Visitor Center has the first Mercury Mission (un-manned) recently shipped from the Smithsonian on display. russian space capsulerussian space capsuleThey have a moon rock on display–these are always cool to see in person. NASA Ames has one also.apollo 15 moon rock Here’s a quick photo of their “Mission Control” room. What a wonderfully interactive place to have for kids wanting to learn about the Space programs. They offer group sessions, click here to learn more about it and Feild Trip info.mission control at chabot space centerHere we have the Lunar Lander Simulator. It was cute to watch the kids loving it!lunar lander simulator at chabot space centerThe biggest telescopes you have ever seen are outside. For observatory hours click here. The Leah telescope is only open when the weather is super nice because it is so old—It was named after Leah in the Bible! The door was closed while I was there but this was outside.leah telescope at chabot space and science centerHere is the Nelly–wow!!Nellie telescope at chabot space and science centerThis telescope dates back to 1888–it was used by Chabot’s Astronomers to set the Oakland time every friday night.telescope from 1888 chabot space centerEinstein’s Telescope was very cool to be up close too. It’s right when you enter heading toward the Cafe area. Don’t miss it!Einstein's telescope locationThe Sun Room is down stairs–if you have kids they will love this Plasma Globe.chabot space center plasma globeThe gift store was packed full of the cutest NASA toys. Loved the mini Space suit–if i had a child he/she would be wearing that suit for Halloween this year for sure! gift store at chabot space centerOverall Chabot is a great place mainly for Kids. I would definitly recommend it for field trips!

After my Chabot visit I walked through Union Square and stumbled upon an Art Display.
union square art exhibitAnd discovered that there is now a Pinkberry right outside Macy’s on O’farell…when did this pop up?? They were out of pomegranate seeds when I was there though! Tear.pinkberry san franciscoAnd lastly a stroll down Maiden Lane..Maison Margiela sells my favorite perfume click here for my post about it. Smells exactly like a sunny day at the Ocean.maiden lane san franciscoI love looking at Neiman’s Window displays–that Blue dress!! Oh my goodness!! I’m in love..I had to search for it online. I found it here if you want to take a look–of course it’s Oscar de la Renta! neiman marcus window dispay 2015 oscar de la renta gown

Chabot Prices:

Adult: $18
Youth: (ages 3 -12) $14 Seniors (65+) Students (13-18 or college ID)$15
Members: are Free
Discounts: Military, ASTC, Seniors, Students, Golden State Advantage Cardholders, Groups (15 or more. Inquire*)


MON, TUE: Closed

WED & THU : 10am – 5pm

FRI & SAT : 10am – 10pm

SUN : 10am – 5pm

For the address click here.

If you want to see my post on the NASA Ames Visitor Center click here. Have you been to both? What do you think of Ames vs. Chabot? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Exploring!



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