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First Time To College?-You will Need These Dorm Room Essentials!

August 22, 2015
15 things you will need for your college dorm room

We are nearing the end of August! School bells will be ringing soon! When I was heading off to college for the first time I was lucky enough to have two older brothers that were already attending the University I was going to–I had a heads up on everything not to mention my own personal tour guides! If you don’t and are heading off to college for the first time–Here is a list of things that you will need for your college Dorm Room!

1. Laundry Items: mom won’t be there anymore to do your laundry–surprise, surprise. Before you go, ask your mom for a few laundry tips–or you can be like me and throw all your laundry into the washing machine all at one and wash on cold. Haha–it’s not a good idea! I don’t Recommend it! You will need:

*Laundry basket or bag.

*Quarters for the machines.


*Fabric Softener or Fabric Softener Sheets (Amazon has a great Bundle for this)

2. A personal Printer. When I was a freshman in college I tried to use the universal printing/computer room. Huge mistake–the printers can fail and there can be a line late at night right when you are wanting to print. Purchase your own for your room if you can. It will make life at college so much easier!

3. If your Dorm has Communal Bathrooms you will need a Shower Caddy and shower sandals! Throw all of your shower essentials in the caddy so you can just grab and go. And please do not go bear foot in those showers! Yuck! I was lucky enough to have my own bathroom in college.

4. An extra Lamp. Dorm room lighting can be awful. I had a desk lamp and a floor lamp. The desk lamp is great for late night studying while you Roommate is trying to sleep!

5. Bedding. Get a mattress topper–dorm room mattresses can be like sleeping on cement. You will also need an extra set of sheets-for the days when you need to change your sheets but are too tired to do laundry–just throw on the extra pair!

6. Lysol-university’s often rent out the dorms during the summer for meetings or camps and they don’t make the attendee’s clean the rooms after (most of the time). Give your room a good once over with lysol.

7. Which brings me to hand sanitizer (buy in bulk! Ha!)my third year of college I was on the first floor, so our windows would not open (no escaping). Can you tell I went to a strict college? We had all that stale air swirling around constantly–and it’s not so great when it’s cold season. I kept hand sanitizer by my door, used it when I entered the room each time and popped vitamin C daily to keep my immune system up. These are a must!

8. Mini Vacuum or Swiffer Sweeper. A lot of colleges have clean room checks–using a mini vacuum if your dorm has carpet will make keeping it clean so much easier and I love the Swiffer Sweeper if you have floors.

9. Breakfast Bars and Fruit. You might be super excited during your first few weeks of school and waking up early to go get breakfast in the cafeteria before classes–that will soon come to an end and you will be setting your alarm 15 minutes before class. I was always well stocked with fruit and protein bars that I could eat on the way to class!

10. Which brings me to one of the most important things you will ever need in your room! A Coffee maker! You simply will not survive without it. There’s no way to make it through college without your own personal coffee maker. I used to brew my cup before class and then go and get a Latte at the coffee shop on campus after class. Those early mornings were killer after staying up all night.

11. A Case of water or a Water filter pitcher. Please don’t drink out of the bathroom sink–just don’t. Keep your room well stocked with bottles of water or buy a Water Pitcher Filter that you can fill up in the dorm kitchen.

12. Toilet paper. I bet you didn’t think of that one did you? Haha.

13. You will need a few Bathroom towels–again for days when you need a fresh towel but don’t have time fore laundry.-And Rolling Drawers (I would not have survived without this!)–great for bathroom toiletries, curling irons, makeup, and extra toilet paper storage.

14. Extension Cords– You will need these for your extra Lamps and curling/flat irons.

15. TVI did’t have TV growing up so you can bet I had one at school! So it only had 12 channels–still better than what I had before. Plus it was great for drowning out the sound of screaming girls super late at night, or in the morning for that matter! Be sure to get one with a built in DVD player to save space!

colleg dorm room tips

My biggest tip of all–Do not overpack! I cannot stress this enough! My first year of school I tried to pack almost everything–I don’t know what I was thinking! Dorm rooms are tiny and if you have a roommate they can feel even smaller. Storage can be a huge problem! At my University there were tons of people to help you move in but zero to help you move out. Just pack your essentials and if you are coming home in between semesters you can bring some of your wam weather clothes home and pack up more of your cold weather clothes for the next semester.

What are your tips for packing for dorm life? Let me know in the comments! –And if you are in need of a the perfect flat to jet around on campus in look at my Sam Edelman Gigi post!

Happy Studying!







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