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July 11, 2015

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   Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I finally got around to doing it! I was born in Southern California and moved to Northern California when I was nine. During high school I was an athlete and the Spokesperson for the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports–I spoke at rotary clubs and traveled around to schools talking to the children about the importance of being physically active. I was lucky enough to get to meet with our California Senators about the program and believe it or not I had a meeting with Laura Bush to discuss the program but it was canceled day of due to heightened security measures because it was the same day Saddam Hussein’s Statue came down. I eventually created my own program linked with local vendors to really motivate the children to get fit.

  I have my Bachelors Degree in Mass Media Communications with a Minor in broadcast journalism. I graduated college in three years–why do it in 4 if it can be done in 3? :) During college I interned at ABC and was sent out on my first day as a reporter to get soundbites. I also was fortunate enough to be involved in creating a Proposal/Grant for a children’s home in Uganda. I am happy to say the Grant and Proposal went through and the children’s home is up and running. To read more about the home click here.

   After graduation in 2006 I snagged a job with IGN as a On-Camera host for AT&T’s new Entertainment website called the Blueroom–I got to travel the world filming “behind-the-scenes” shows on all the AAA gaming titles. It was the job of the lifetime and I felt incredibly fortunate to have it. I got to work with some very talented people in the industry at the time, Rod Alemania (aka Mr. Connections), Kat Hunter and Annie Lei. I will be forever grateful to my first boss Rod, I had barely anything on my resume and he treated me with kindness and respect the whole way through. Visiting Factor 5 Studios (a division of Lucas Arts at the time) was one of my favorite days on the job. As well as EA Black Box in Canada, oh and of course Yuke’s in Japan!

  Soon after, I interned at Forbes for a summer. I was a Video Network Intern where I did a lot research, typed out tons and tons of soundbites and performed interviews. A fun day I had was getting to meet Gordon Biersch–who was so kind and fun to be around and taught me how to make their famous garlic fries! After my internship was over I went on to continue my hosting career, I did some freelance work with Mevio–a start up company based in San Francisco. I met one of my favorite producers of all time there, Nick Mcintyre who now owns his own production company in Nashville. Nick was very patient with me and being a host himself at times, he new exactly what I was feeling and how to direct me.

   This was the time when I began doing some modeling and acting. I felt so lucky to work for Clients such as: Apple, Nintendo, The San Francisco Giants (It’s Magic Inside commercial series), Honda and Ferrari just to name a few. I also worked with some of the most talented directors, producers and photographers in Northern California Brian Baccino, the Dwyers,  Juliana Lukasik, Tony Masto, Bob Spector and lots more. And I got to mention my absolute favorite make-up artist, Lisa Zomer–the best! I plan on doing posts about the Entertainment industry in the near future–there are a lot things I wish I would have known that I want to pass along to people just starting out!

  In 2013 my Grandfather became sick and it got very frustrating to me trying to be there for him and juggle my career at the same time. At the same time I was needed at my step-fathers company after a very important employee left out of the blue. I made the decision to take a break from my career and focus on my family and it was the best decision I every made. I was free to go and see my Grandfather whenever I wanted. He was like a father to me and really the closest thing to a Father that I have ever experienced. I was incredibly fortunate to have him in my life and I don’t regret one day of being with him. His Smile lit up a room and you could feel the love he had for me and his entire family just radiate from within him. His Picture is above. He went to be with the Lord in August of 2014.

My Grandfather was a Navy man. He served during the Korean War aboard the USS Maddox DD-731. I felt inspired to give back to our service men and women when I returned home and that’s what I did. I started doing all I could to make the Veterans I knew a little happier. I stepped into a business that was failing, brought a crew re-did the store front and cleaned everything up, brought new products to sell and created new signs for the business. For the rest of the service men and women I knew, on a daily basis I brought meals, walked dogs, put up christmas lights, decorated and did odds and ends. One in particular who fought in WWII had a dream of being in the newspaper. So, I wrote his story, he dug up some old photos and I submitted it to the local newspaper and they accepted it. The best part was bringing him the published story–it was like he was walking on a cloud. I have loved every minute of giving back to my community and Veterans. I feel blessed that I can call them my friends.

I love traveling, sports, writing, history, adventure, space, sharks, cooking, beauty tips and tricks, staying healthy and fit, people, animals, cars, antique stores, home decorating, archeology, gardening, old Hollywood and classic fashion. Come with me on this new adventure of Blogging….

John 3:16

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