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The Dog Stroller–for Old and Disabled Dogs

October 6, 2015
dog in a dog stroller

My Sheltie will be 11 years old this month. He has always been a super energetic AKA borderline crazy dog. However, in the last couple of years he’s been slowing down and sleeping a lot more–in the last year he began not being able to get up on his own. He has one leg in the back that is a little wonky and in his older age it seems to be the problem. It broke my heart–I felt as if I couldn’t leave the house because I needed to be there in case he couldn’t get up on his own. I took him to the vet and they ensured me he didn’t have arthritis but that pain medication might help with him getting himself up. I opted for Rimadyl. He began the treatment but needed a blood test in a few weeks to see if it was affecting his liver–the blood test came back positive for altering his liver. That is when I discovered Tramadol. A pain medication minus the side effects–it has worked wonders for him! He gets stuck every once in a while but now I can go back to leaving him at home and not worry too much–all this to say, I used to be the person that would walk by the people with the “dog strollers” thinking that was a bit much but since my dog hadn’t been able to go on a walk in the neighborhood for years, I got the bright idea that he just might need one himself!Pet Gear Sportster Pet Stroller

I ordered one from Chewy.com  (amazing customer service) and it arrived 2 days later. Although I don’t see the exact one there on their website anymore they do have other size options. Click here to see.  I did find the exact one I have on Amazon $105.66. The Dimensions are 26″L x 12″W x 19.5″H and can hold up to 45 lbs.  I popped it up put my pooch in and took him for his first “stroll”–and guess what?? He loved it!! He sat up the whole way and was trying to smell everything in sight, of course this made me feel horrible for the all the years that were lost where he could have been enjoying strolls in the neighborhood but let’s not look back.

Pet Gear Sportster Pet Stroller

I’ve been taking him on his “walks” everyday–he gets so excited when he see’s his stroller. The fun part is seeing the neighbors reactions to a dog in the stroller–it’s not quite what they expect! Haha–but once they find out he has bad back legs and can’t go on walks, they love it. I have had people come up to me and say that they wish they had a stroller when their dog could no longer go on walks–I highly recommend getting your dog a stroller if he is disabled or older. It makes a world of a difference in their happiness! I know that my dog is getting up there in dog years–especially Sheltie dog years and I want him to be as comfortable as possible. Plus the great bonus for me is jogging up the hills with the extra weight–it’s a great work out!! And you can’t beat the cup holders and extra storage in the bottom. Love that it has a covering to pull up when it’s sunny out or a little misty out! Sure I might look like the crazy lady pushing my dog down the street but I don’t care because my little guy is happy!

Do you have a dog stroller?  Let me know in the comments!





Goldie James

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Sandy London says:

    Hi Goldie…Thank you so much for replying to my original comments. I so appreciate your kind words regarding Houston. He was also a rescue. I brought him home when he was 11 months old..lost him at just a few weeks before his 17th birthday. I’ve come to a point in my life where I will only rescue. His first lady love was my Eskie Whitney…I found her lost one day, alone out in the street, she followed me home…my amazing sweet girl…
    Some day if you have the time, and you want me to, I’ll tell you the stories about my wonderful reskies. When I start to talk about about them…I have a difficult time stopping.
    But the purpose of this is to tell you about Lila and how she is doing in her stroller. It’s a slow process but we are making progress every day. I’ve been putting her in the stroller daily. Every day is a little better than the day before, she seems more at ease and spends more time inside before she indicates she’s had enough. When I say Lila doesn’t adjust to new things easily, one example is the time I bought doggie steps to enable her to get up on the couch, yes my dogs are allowed on the furniture, and join Houston looking out the window and barking, enjoying the sun and doing whatever dogs do. I put the steps by the couch, she hid under the dining room table cowering, he jumped over them, I now have a very nice carpeted step stool. We just built a step by the front door to make it easier for her to come in and out and she won”t walk on it yet.
    I know what you mean about when you didn’t want to leave your dog alone. I often experience the same thing with Lila. It’s just wonderful that your stroller has made such a positive difference for both of you. I’m hoping in time to experience the same thing.
    I’ll let you know how we do.

    • Goldie James says:

      Yes, Sandy! Please keep me posted! And feel free to write your rescue stories in the comments for people to read…I would love to hear about them!

  2. Sandy London says:

    I certainly did enjoy your blog. Yes, I do have a dog stroller, just got it yesterday, also ordered it from Chewy.com. I have a 15 year old plus Eskie mix who can no longer go for walks due to her age and disabilities. Lila is being treated at a specialty center by a wonderful Vet Internal Medicine Specialist. One of her pain meds is Tramadol also.
    I recently had to say my last good bye to my 16 year old American Eskimo Houston due to kidney failure, Lila and I miss him terribly…she is lonely and depressed and bored. We took long walks every day when Houston was still with us. Even then Lila was not always able to come along. She has bad knees, a lesion on her spine, had two stroke- like episodes recently but as of now is doing o.k. Lila is a very social dog and I know she misses all her friends, four and two legged. Her life is still one of quality, very important to me, a wagging tail, a happy greeting to anyone who comes to visit and just a true little sweetheart. She was not the healthiest little girl when I brought her home from rescue 5 years ago but you just have to love her…initially, as much as possible, she ignored her physical limitations. Now she can’t…she can barely walk to the end of my driveway.
    So I ordered the stroller and am hoping this will be the answer for her. I just put it together and it’s sitting in my living room.
    As Lila does not always accept new things, I’m going to try to let her slowly get used to the stroller before putting her in it. I sometimes think her being unable to get out and socialize is like she’s in jail.
    It seems your Sheltie got in the stroller off you went. I’m hoping once Lila gets used to the stroller she’ll love it as much as your fur baby does. We used to do a lot of fund raising charity dog walks and with the stroller we can start “walking” again.

    • Goldie James says:

      Hi Sandy! First of all, I am so sorry to hear about Houston-sending you my condolences. It is always so hard to lose an animal.
      And may I say thanks to you for rescuing a dog and an older one at that! That is AMAZING. I love animal rescue stories. Lila got a great owner. :)
      I’m so happy you got the stroller-you are going to love it. Hopefully Lila accepts it-really great idea just letting it sit so she gets used to it. My shelty accepted it right away because I used to put him in a “carrier” when he was just a baby. Let me know how it goes! Would love to know if Lila ends up loving it!

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