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A Trip To The Grace Hudson Museum

October 20, 2015

This museum is set among beautiful scenery. It showcases Grace Hudson’s artwork along with local artist work for special exhibits–right now it’s quilts. Grace and her husband John— lived in one of the first homes built in the small town of Ukiah, California. The circa 1911 home is available for tours upon request. George Wilcox an architect and photographer built the craftsman style home specifically detailed to Grace and John’s Taste.  The Hudsons never had any children but left the house to Grace’s niece Melissa who in return left it to the city (upon Melissa and her husbands deaths) to be made into a museum that would showcase the lives of her Aunt and Uncle. This famous destination is a great stop if you are traveling up the 101 in California–the gift shop sells replica’s of her beautiful paintings and other local pieces made my local artists.

There is construction going on right now outside of the Museum-you will have to park on the street. If you have handicapped people or elderly people–you can drop them off easily in the front before parking.

Grace Hudson Museum

quilts Grace Hudson Museum

There is a few photos of old town Ukiah available to take a gander at–these kind of photos are my favorite!

old town Ukiah

old town Ukiah

This is the family lineage room-it is absolutely astonishing to see how much history was preserved with this familly!

Grace hudson family lineage

Grace hudson family lineage

Grace hudson family lineage

Here is Grace in her younger years.

grace hudson museum

And her husband John.

John Hudson

I thought this was a very interesting piece of history–some of John’s doctor instruments and medicines.

John hudson doctor instrument

This tiny little gun was Grace’s–it is so so tiny! The picture really doesn’t show how tiny this was.

british bulldog .22 mini revolver silver bow guard

Things from her dressing table.

grace hudson dressing table items

This is the basket display room–I’m not much into basket weaving but if you are, you will love this.

basket weaving room at grace hudson museum

basket weaving room at grace hudson museum

Here is Melissa Ball Carpenter–Grace’s niece who the entire estate was left to.

melissa ball carpenter

The back of the museum has a lot of Grace’s Paintings.

grace hudson museum paintings

grace hudson museum paintings

This was one of my favorite paintings. So cute!

grace hudson museum paintings

Grace hudson painting of baby

  I requested a tour and a very kind and knowledgeable attendant gave us a lovely tour.

grace hudson sun house

grace hudson sun house

grace hudson sun house

grace hudson sun house

Beautiful Redwood!

grace hudson sun house

Here is the back of the house–I was told they would be building area’s for outdoor classes and demonstrations.

grace hudson sun house

 A typical built-in in the Craftsman style home.

built-in from 1911 craftsman home

The kitchen was re-modeled in the 40’s by Melissa-there are no photo’s to show what it may have looked like before then.

1940's kitchen

1940's kitchen

Here we have Grace’s studio where all the magic happened! The window on the side used to be more of a “sky light” with glass on the top. It had a reflective piece she could tilt down to add even more light to the room. I can see why she needed this–the house was very very dark. Grace’s actual stair and stencil still sit in its place.

Grace Hudson's Studio

This fire place is on the other side of Grace’s studio.

fireplace in grace hudson's studio

Here is their living room–fabric coats the walls which is original. However Melissa Painted the fabric when she moved in. Look at the floor-it is original!! The sun house living room

sun house living room

Grace and John used the platform on the right as a stage for when they were entertaining guests.

grace and john carpenter living room

piano in grace hudsons home

John built this front door himself.

The front to sun house

This asian art piece was a gift from their grounds keeper–Mr. Wong.

asian artwork from 1800's

Below is John’s study.

john carpenter's study

The dining room has the original dining set from England. The sideboard on the left was built by their architect and given to them as a gift after the home was built.

grace hudson's dining room

grace hudson's dining room

The story I was told about these tea cups–is that it belonged to a relative of Grace’s that was passed down and may have very well been served to Mrs. Lincoln upon a visit.

tea set from grace carpenter's home

Here is Grace and John’s room–the tulips she stenciled herself are still in great shape along with the piece of fabric given to them by Mr. Wong.

grace hudsons bedroom

 I love this photo of John and Grace in the later years.

john and grace hudson in their old age

I went to the Cemetery and found her grave with the Phoenix on top–the symbol of Immortality.

grace hudson's grave

pheonix on top of grace hudson grave

Grace’s grave is a few feet in front of the Phoenix with a simple G H engraved on top.

grace hudson's tombstone

If you love art and history I definitely recommend this museum! My few photo’s don’t do it justice. Pop in during the week Wednesday–Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and Sunday: 12 noon to 4:30 p.m.


Individuals: $4
Students and Seniors: $3
Families: $10

Free to all on the first Friday
of each month.

To schedule School & Private Group Tours call the Museum.

Email Adress: info@gracehudsonmuseum.org

Happy Museum wandering!







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