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Guerneville, CA | Stand-up Paddleboarding, Lunch at Korbel and the Harbor Seal Nursery!

September 8, 2015

  I had been wanting to try paddleboarding for the longest time and decided I should start on a river instead of the ocean. I stumbled upon SUP Odyssey while I was browsing Tripadvisor. They are located in Guerneville and had good ratings. Jeff, the owner was so kind and professional from beginning to end. I E-mailed him to see if I needed to reserve boards since it was a holiday weekend. He replied quickly and said that it would be a good idea. So I gave him a call and reserved 2 boards for saturday afternoon. He requested that I pay in full over the phone with my credit card, which turned out to be ideal and I do recommend it for your rental too–that way you won’t have to worry about paying when you get there as getting to the river from the parking is a little bit of a trek. Jeff explained that we would be parking at School House Canyon Campground and there would be a $5 fee for each person. The fee included parking for the day, access to the river all day and the restrooms. He also kindly advised to leave my dog at home because of the current Algae problem. A dog had died just couple days earlier 2 miles from where we were..so sad! Please don’t let your pets go in the river this summer. stand up paddle boarding in guerneville california    This campground was adorable. You will have to park your car right when you enter and go into the little hut to sign in and pay your fee. The staff was super helpful and friendly and even recommended our lunch choice at Korbel’s Deli. I had to get a picture of the VW bus–that color! Loved it! Ha!schoolhouse canyon campground in guerneville, ca   What I would really like to stress is that this campground is located right off a very busy road. To get to the river you will have to cross this road and the cars were flying by. This was the only part that I did not like. I don’t know what people do who have young kids or elderly people–I would assume that you could drop off your family and then go park. They should make a crosswalk with a blinking lights-just my opinion!

Back to Paddleboarding--the whole experience was lovely! Jeff was super friendly and kind. He carried our boards down to the water and had us sign a quick release form. He knew we were new at this so he gave us a few pointers. If you haven’t tried paddle boarding before I highly recommend using Jeff at SUP Odyssey for sure! Paddleboarding in general is easier then it looks and so much fun. The Russian River is an ideal place for beginners. Jeff offers lessons too and I can only imagine how great they would be with his kind, encouraging, and patient personality. Bring your water shoes to get through the rocky river bank and incase you step on a fishing hook.

   Korbel was right up the road and a perfect place to grab a picnic lunch after paddle boarding. I was in my Lululmenon, had wet hair and didn’t feel underdressed at all. korbel blog photos     This place reminded me a lot of Oakville Grocery but was quite a bit smaller. They had enough options to cater to lots of different tastes. The staff was helpful and efficient.inside of korbel deli    It did take us a full hour to wait in line, order and get out of there. If you aren’t placing an order you can pick up your items and head straight to the cash register. A lot of people did this after they saw the line. Call ahead and place an order if you are in a hurry or are ordering for a large group.inside of korbel deli     There was a large array of cheeses and crackers and pre-made food. The watermelon salad was delicious! Watermelon, feta cheese, arugula and cracked pepper! I will be making this at home!food at korbel deli  I was good and didn’t get any pastries! But the cookies were so darn cute!pastries at korbel deliHere is the current Menu if you would like to take a peek. current menu at korbel delicurrent menu at korbel deliI got the Vegetarian Sandwich (top) and below is the Grilled Beef Tri Tip sandwich. Both were served warm. The Vegetarian sandwich was kind of Italian inspired. I liked it but you have to like eggplant to like this one. vegetarian sandwich at korbel deli and tri tip sandwich    After picnicking, we decided to take a short drive down the coast line to Jenner and found this Harbor Seal Nursery! It was a cute find! You could watch the seals swim and sunbathe. harbor seal nursery in jenner

My Quick Take: This was a perfect day in Guerneville! It couldn’t have gotten any better. SUP Odyssey was perfect, School House Canyon Campground gave us easy River access and lunch at Korbel was delish!  If you are looking for things to do in Guernville, I highly recommend these! I will be back and will plan to stay longer.

*For Jeff’s Stand Up Paddleboarding reservations click here.


$25-1 hour

$65-3 hours

$80-4 hours

$100-Full Day


Address: 12600 River Rd, Guerneville, CA 95466

Phone: 1 415-497-0179

*For the Schoolhouse Campground Click here.

*For more info on the Korbel Deli click here.

Address13250 River Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446-9593

Phone: (707) 824-7313

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