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Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

October 14, 2015

Yes-I am one of those people that dresses up my dog for Halloween–let’s just get that out of the way first, ha! Over the years my little guy has collected quite a few costumes. Now that he is 11 years old and has some leg issues, I just put his costumes on for photos. He’s too old to wear them around–it makes me feel bad-plus with all that fur he’s always hot and costumes don’t help keep him cool! Here are his (my) favorites.

The Gun Slinging Cowboy

You never want to get into a duel with this cowboy, his reputation is pure evil. I couldn’t find this exact one online as I bought it in a boutique in Santa Cruz years and years ago but I found an option here.

sheltie in cowboy costume

The Bumble Bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! He actually hates this one the most because of the antennas. However, I think it’s absolutely adorable!

sheltie in bee costume

My little Dinosaur

Actually, he was Dino and I was Wilma (don’t judge me) from the Flintstone’s the year he wore this. He was a hit with all the Kids!

dog in dinosaur costume

The Biker Dog

Don’t let the fluff fool you–this nasty Biker will leave you in the dust on a street race. I got this one years ago but good old Amazon still has it available!

motorcyle dog costume

The hat is so cute!

dog in dinosaur costume

The Doggie Bow Tie

This is only for formal occasions of course, in other words only for a 2 second photo–with all his fluff it’s a little tight, ha! There’s a range of colors to choose from.

dog bowtie

The Visor

This is only for when he is playing tennis or lounging on the beach. Obviously this visor is just for fun but when I went to look up other options I noticed that now they make real legit dog visors! Visors that have ear holes and little under the chin straps-that would actually be useful!

sheltie in visor

  Shelties only live on average about 12 years, so I am enjoying my little pup as much as I can. I still want to get him a new costume this year, even if it’s just for a quick photo but I can’t decide between these three–Zorro, an Astronaut or a Raptor. Will you help me decide??


dog zorro costume from amazon


dog astronaut costume 2015


dog dinosaur costume

I’m really leaning toward the Raptor–it makes me laugh and is kinda fitting for my little Monster. What you do you think?

And I had to throw in a couple extra photo’s…

sheltie by pumpkins

sheltie by pumpkins

If you have an older or disabled Dog, you might want to check out my dog stroller post-click here.

Happy (Almost) Halloween!



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