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My Dog Rescue Story-Meet Fancy!

November 3, 2015
my dog rescue story

It was just about 1 year ago now that a dog was abandoned in my neighborhood. I don’t understand how people can just drop their little ones off and drive away. Thinking that someone will just scoop them up and take them in. Abandoning a pet can scar them mentally for life and give them issues beyond repair but I will get more into that later. So, this scared little girl had to endure the cold and wet weather for almost a week before she actually trusted me enough to catch her. All the neighbors on the street were doing their best to lure her in with food and treats but when you would get close she would growl like a little gremlin and run off.

dog rescue story

People in the neighborhood became too frightened to touch her-including me. After a few days while on my jogs I would just sit down on the ground and talk to her. I did this for days until she showed up at my back door. I opened it and of course she ran off–so I went out and just sat down near her and started talking to her again she slowly calmed down and came within a few feet of me and laid down. It was astonishing, especially if you would have seen the way she could chomp her teeth at people-ha!  I slowly stood up and just picked her up and that was it–from then on she became extremely attached to me and my mom for that matter (we look alike–people say we even sound alike). I put her in my dogs old play pin as we decided what to do. Two neighbors that were also very concerned for this little one were so great. They took her to the Humane Society that day but I couldn’t seem to get this little girl out of my head. I was thinking about her constantly–especially since it seemed that I was the only one she trusted at the moment. I had to go and see her.

When I got to the Humane Society. I didn’t see her right away so I asked for her and they were even hesitant to let me see her because she was still acting out. They led me to a closed off hallway where Fancy was–did I tell you I named her Fancy? Anyways, they openned the door and right away she starts wiggling and trying to get to me. The associate noticed and commented on how she possibly might have been correlating me with her previous owner. Poor little thing, they wouldn’t let me open the cage so I just sat with my hand in the cage, while she licked it and wiggled around. I don’t even want to tell you what is was like leaving her that day.

dog rescue in cage

I was tormented that night about leaving her there when I was the only one she seemed to trusted. I went back everyday from then on and just held her. I guess it’s really not funny–(kind of endearing) that she only trusted my mom and I. When we came-the workers couldn’t believe how nice she would get-ha! While we were gone they said she was trying to bite people and was still doing her gremlin growl–I really was convinced of this when a worker came over to pet Fancy and out came her pearly white teeth trying to snap off the poor guys fingers-ha!  She became calmer everyday and was loved dearly by the patient staff.

abandoned dog story

abandoned dog

I noticed after a while that she still had not had a bath. The poor baby desperately needed a good shave. She had so many fleas, burs, sticks and tangles in her hair. We eventually got permission to take her to my dog groomer (after she had all her shots). The poor little thing was so so nervous in the car that she was pushing up against my chest as I held her in my lap the whole time-so cute!!

As I got out of the car with her I started laughing when she had taken her boney little front arms, wrapped them around my arm and was squeezing–Oh how she tugged on my heart strings! A couple hours went by and it was time to pick her up. We walked in and were looking around in all the cages for her–I noticed this skinny little pure white dog they had standing on a table that was going crazy, jumping around and crying at us–the shop owner had to literally tell me that it was Fancy! We couldn’t believe it–what difference a little grooming can do for a dog!

abandoned dog cleaned up after rescue

Instead of taking her straight back to the Humane Society I took her home for a little while and just held her and played with her. The nieghbors who had helped immensly with her and who were also emotionally invested wanted to see her too. She was a different dog, the trauma was over for her.

dog rescue story

I think I cried almost every time we had to leave her at the Humane Society but I knew she was being well taken care of. The workers really really care about each individual little animal there. They loved her just as much as me even with her bad behavior she gave them. They eventually brought her out of the hallway too and the director had her in a large cage with a cushy bed right by her desk-so sweet of her! They even spayed her and took a beautiful photo of her and raved about her to be adopted. They even assured me that they would make sure personally that she would go to a good home. Fantastic! But Fancy and I had become bonded. I seriously considered adopting her myself time and time again but I already have an 11 year old dog that has some serious health issues and I am already so busy just tending to him. We even talked about the group of us in the neighborhood possibly adopting her and then she would always have somone to look after her while someone was away–but it was a no go, as everyone already had their hands full with their pets. On a Saturday morning when I was routinly visiting Fancy, a dad with his little daughter were walking through the cages, we showed them Fancy.  The little girl loved her and the dad said that he had only owned little dogs before and wanted another one. He said he used to bring his dogs to work everyday-perfect-Fancy would never be alone again! It was a match made in heaven! Fancy was going to have a lovely life.

abandoned dog cleaned up after rescue

All this to say to the people who think you are doing some “selfless” act for your animal by dropping them off in a neighborhood where you think they will have a good life–you are really causing serious trauma to an animal. They say dogs have the intelligence of a 2 year old child. Can you imagine dropping your baby off in the cold rain in a strangers neighborhood and not looking back–how could you not wonder if  they have food? If they can find water? If they were hit by a car? It’s careless! We keep our animals indoors mostly here especiallly at night as the pack of coyotes come out every now and then and have been known to drag off cats and other small animals. There’s also foxes and I just saw a Bobcat in my back yard not to long ago. Fancy was perfect size to be dragged off by any one of those wild animals but thank God she wasn’t! If you can no longer take care of your animal–look into your local animal shelter or Humane Society, talk to people, you never know who might be wanting to be an animal owner but doesn’t have the money to get one but please never leave your animal behind.

According to the Humane Society of the United States there are between 6 to 8 million homeless animals that enter Shelters each year and more than half of them never get adopted while others live out thier lives to be euthanised. Not to mention the thousands of stray animals that have illnesses and are injured living terrible lives alone with and in pain. The ASPCA recommends spaying and neutering your animals as soon as possible, before 6 months if possible.

Lastly, animal shelters always need help. If you don’t have extra time to volunteer your time at a shelter by walking dogs, you can donate funds or even just drop of food or toys for them. My local shelter was in need of wet cat food–so we made that happen along with cat toys. I popped a toy in each kitten cage in the foyer one day and the room went from being quiet to all the cages rattling at once while all the kittens played with thier new toy-adorble!

To find animals to adopt in your area click here and here.

To donate funds to the ASPCA click the photo below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.38.34 PM


All my best,



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