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San Francisco|Presidio Promenade Trail–For Hiking? or Biking?

August 2, 2015
Presidio Promenade Trail

I parked in the Presidio Parking Lot Zone 7  located off of Edie Rd. It was almost completely empty–I definitely recommend this parking lot as parking near the marina can be horrendous on the weekends. I paid $5 for 4 hours. This is also a safe area if you are going to hike alone.

Presidio Parking price for zone 7           Just upon starting the trail there was this sign showing all of the different options–there’s so many to choose from! I want to do them all! San Francisco trails map

goldiejames.com               The Presidio Promenade trail was 2.1 miles and went all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, so I chose that one. I was surprised that the beginning of the trail was not really a “trail” in the sense of dirt, tree’s and bushes–I was just walking on sidewalks next to residents and buildings–not really what I had in mind but there were some really neat historical landmarks along the way that I really enjoyed stopping and reading about!history on presidio promenade trail san francisco              This was another surprise that was very moving to see. The trail takes you right by the National Cemetery. I took a moment to read some of the headstones of our service men and women that gave their lives for our Freedom.San Francisco National Cemetery

San Francisco National Cemetery        So many lives were lost for the simple pleasures we get to enjoy everyday. Amazing to see WWI tombstones here–this serviceman was born in 1882–War cemeteries are always such a stark reminder to take nothing that we have in America for granted.
San Francisco National Cemetery           Here we are–another surprise! The Walt Disney Family Museum is located on this trail too. If there is not enough parking at the museum Presido Parking Lot #7 is just a short walk away!

Walt disney family museum         Right after passing the Museum I started to get a glimpse of the bridge. There was so many great opportunities for Photo’s.golden gate bridge view on presidio promenade trail                                   I appreciated the signs so I didn’t loose my way (easy for me to do!).Presidi Promenade trailThe Rural part of the trail didn’t last long but the cypress tree’s were stunning–some of my favorites.
presidio promenade trail         And again something else I sure wasn’t expecting–the home of the Park Police Horses! Ha–I tried to get their attention–they were completely uninterested. Notice the sign–it was pointed out to me as I was muttering about having nothing to feed them-haha.San francisco park police horses home          The views got better and better the closer I got to the bridge. It was warm but very windy–I would recommend bringing a light jacket to slip on.view from presidio promenade trail

View of San Francisco from Presidio promenade trail

view from presidio promenade trail

Golden gate bridge view from presidio promenade trail        This is when I should have known I was on the wrong trail for walking–There were bikers everywhere! Not one or two–I am talking mass loads of bikers everywhere! I must have passed at least 8 “group bike tours.” Then there were the serious bikes too–who were going so fast it was kinda crazy. Some were whizzing past people going way over 20 mph (they are supposed to slow down to 5 mph when going by people). I have nothing against bikers, I enjoy biking myself too–all that to say–I wouldn’t recommend this trail for walking or even jogging. It’s really a trail just for bikers.bike trail san francisco with bridge view         And here we are at the Historic Round House Cafe (built in 1938)–something I’v driven by for 21 years but have never been too!san francisco round house cafe           It looked like they had sandwiches,wraps, soups, cookies–I grabbed a water.  The staff was super friendly.san francisco round house cafe           Joseph Straus–born in 1870–the Chief Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge or in other words-a mathematical genius!
joseph strauss statue                                       Flowers are my weakness–everything was in bloom.FullSizeRender-60                                                This is the view just across the way from the Cafe.american flag near golden gate bridge

golden gate bridge                              A short trail just below led to under the bridge and over to the other side.
view from under the golden gate bridge       This was as far as walkers could go–only bikers were allowed to go up and on this side of the bridge however, the other side is reserved for walkers.FullSizeRender-41            This was a neat piece of science–this was from a  study done to show how the structure would react to various levels of ground shaking. FullSizeRender-38

FullSizeRender-39            My Nike app said I did 4.44 miles when I got back to the parking lot–and this was my next stop Bistro Burger. They have the best Mahi Mahi Burger! I went to the one located through Bloomingdales.bistro burger
bistro burger mahi mahi burger

I ended the day with a stop at Twin Peaks, Pier 39 then Sausalito–so surely I burned that burger and french fries  off right??

For the Presidio Parking Lot #7 Address click here.

For a list of the park trails click here.

For Bistro Burger locations click here. If you aren’t interested in Bistro Burger, you might want to head to the Ferry Building for lunch–endless options await!

What trail or Trails have you done? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Trailing!



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