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San Francisco|Botanical Gardens–Spring Blooms

July 31, 2015
San Francisco Botanical Gardens

This was one of the most diverse Botanical Gardens I have been to. It has 8,00o different plants and tree’s from around the world! I was greeted at the entrance by a very kind gentleman who was very informative about the map and exit locations in the garden. I went a couple hours before closing, so he kindly let me know the front entrance would be closed and I would have to exit a different way.

FullSizeRender-148                               One of the most beautiful area is in the garden! Great craftsmanship!San Francisco Botnical Gardens       Please note that the squirrels here are very tame! haha–they did not seem to be scared of us at all.
FullSizeRender-151                             This is a Brugmansia-Angel Trumpet Tree! It was quite the showstopper!
angel trumpet tree         I had never seen so many different types of Magnolia tree’s before. This was by far my favorite part of the gardens. They were in full bloom and just stunning! I had really only seen Tulip Magnolia tree’s before and it was so enlighting to see all the different other types! The first Magnolia was planted in 1939 and now they have over 51 different Species!San Francisco Botnical Gardens magnolia

San Francisco Botnical Gardens                                    I couldn’t believe the size of the blooms on this tree! Magnificent!San Francisco Botnical Gardens Magnolia                                      They were huge! and drawing quite the crowd for photo-ops!San Francisco Botnical Gardens Magnolia              This single bloom was at least 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The photo really doesn’t do it justice! I should have put my hand next to it to show the size! darn. San Francisco Botnical Gardens Magnolia

FullSizeRender-134                                                                 Loved the cute little bridge.FullSizeRender-135                                                       The ponds were covered in Lilly Pads.FullSizeRender-136 This was also something I had never seen before–Magnolia Bushes! These photos don’t do them justice.San Francisco Botnical Gardens

FullSizeRender-125            There was a lot of green grass and people were taking full advantage of it picnicking and reading. The daffodils were so gorgeous how they had them arranged around the bottom of each tree. I came in March so my eyes got to take full advantage of one of my favorite bulbed flowers.San Francisco Botnical Gardens                           These Hyacinths made the air smell like sweet honey–I couldn’t get enough!San Francisco Botnical Gardens in spring                                   This was a lovely little courtyard area with paths to walk through.FullSizeRender-128                                                                       Lilies! Need I say more?
San Francisco Botnical Gardens lilies                If the garden hadn’t been closing I would have taken much more time to walk and read all the plaques. My time was short but it was so enjoyable! I will be back!

My Quick Take: The $7 admission was definitely worth it. I would have paid more. If I lived closer to this garden I would become a member. This is definitely a spot in San Francisco you don’t want to miss but is often easily overlooked. I went in the spring to enjoy all the Magnolia tree’s and daffodils but I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in the Fall–and that’s when I plan to come back!

Parking: I did have to walk quite a ways to get to the entrance Since I went on the weekend. If you have a handicapped person with you be sure to either drop them off in the front (if that is an option) or bring a wheel chair.

open daily, starting at 7:30am. The Garden closes one hour after last entry. Last entry changes seasonally:

Last entry: Fall & Winter
October through early November: Last entry at 5pm.
1st Sunday in November through January: Last entry at 4pm.
February through 2nd Saturday in March: Last entry at 5pm.

Last entry: Spring & Summer
Second Sunday in March through September: Last entry at 6pm.

Extended Evenings
The Garden stays open 6-8pm for Members only on Wednesdays in September during Extended Evenings.


1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Admission is FREE for all Members, San Francisco City & County Residents (with proof of residency), and School Groups.


Adults $7.00
Youth 12-17 and Seniors 65 and over $5.00
Children 5-11 $2.00
Children 4 and under FREE
Families (2 adults and all children under 17
residing in the same household) $15.00

Tip: The garden has FREE days!
Daily 7:30–9am
Second Tuesday of every month
Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day

Oh, you will have to leave your beloved pet at home–no animals are allowed.

Have you been? What season did you go to gardens in? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Gardening!



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