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The Healing Benefits of Turmeric!

October 11, 2015
temple turmeric elixer

This spice has been around for centuries–it is one of the main ingredients in curry–it gives it that bright yellow color. It’s a root that is ground into a powder that really has quite a pungent taste–but one that I think is quite easy to get used to. I discovered Turmeric A.K.A. Curcumin a couple years ago while shopping at my local health food store. I ran across the Temple Turmeric Elixirs. Drank one and was hooked. I started drinking one a day as my afternoon pick-me-up instead of another cup of coffee. The Elixirs contain 13 grams of whole-root, organic Hawaiian Oana Turmeric–great for supporting a positive inflammation response in the body.

the healing benefits of curcumin

  These Elixers are unique as they also contain important ingredients that help the body readily absorb Turmeric like Black Pepper. I only have a few flavors to choose from in my small town–my favorite is the Mineral Green Elixir. It doesn’t taste the best but it has organic spirulina (superfood/protein) and chlorella (eliminates metals from the body). This one really helps me when my energy levels are plummeting. Temple Turmeric has a huge range of flavors and I keep hoping for the Japanese Matcha Elixir or Turkish Bullet Coffee’s to hit my town but they have yet to do so–until then I will be ordering them. If you have a hard time with the taste of Turmeric try the Pineapple Elixir–it’s delicious!

turmeric drink

   The Drinks were getting me through the afternoon lull so wonderfully–I decided to start taking a Curcumin Supplement as well. I began to do more research on this little gem of a spice and could not believe all the benefits it has to offer. If you aren’t into drinking your Turmeric you can always take the Curcumin Supplement. I do both–the drink and the supplement. Just make sure the Curcumin you choose says that it has at least 95% Curcuminoids that way you are getting the most out of your supplement.

curcumin supplement  Let me preface the following uses for Turmeric by first saying that the reason Curcumin can help with the following problems is because it has such incredible anti-inflamatory properties. A lot of the problems below are due to inflammation in the body. I truly believe in an anti-inflamatory diet and Candida-Free Diet if you are struggling with the following problems. Taking a Curcumin Supplemnent along with that may help a lot. However, I am not a doctor–always consult your doctor before changing your diet or adding a new supplement. Especially if you are on a medication–please never stop taking your medicating abruptly but only under a doctors care.

Turmeric can be Beneficial for:

*Alzheimer’s disease–a large part of this disease is due to the inflammation in the brain–hence why Curcumin may be beneficial–especially in Alzheimer’s prevention. India has the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s Disease–due to all the Curry they eat that contains Turmeric.

*Colds–boosts your body’s natural defenses.  

*Brain Fog–helps clear it.



*Sore Muscles from working out–supports flexibility, excellent for a pre-workout drink.


*liver problems*Diabetes–A study showed that if a pre-diabetic person took Curcumin for at least 9 months that they have a better chance to keep it from turning in to full diabetes.

*gallbladder disorders



*Osteoarthritis--studies have shown that Curcumin can work as good as Ibuprofen for reducing pain due to osteoarthritis.

*stomach pain due to IBS–it can help relive symptoms if taken for at least 8 weeks.

*lung infections

*Tuberculosis–taking a Curcumin supplement can help reduce bacteria levels, help wounds heal quicker and help reduce liver toxicity for those who are getting antituberculosis therapy.



*recovering from surgery–taking curcumin for up to a week after surgery can help with swelling.

*stomach ulcers–if taken for 4 weeks.

*intestinal problems

*Colon Cancerif taken daily for 30 days–a study has concluded that it may reduce the number of precancerous glands in the colon.


*water retention

*kidney problems


Have any of you tried the Turkish Bullet Coffee? I have it coming in the mail. I would love to know–Can it pass for  my morning brew?

Happy Healthy drinking!




*Sources-Temple Turmeric and WebMD.

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